Frequently Asked Questions
What is Impact 100 Southern Indiana?
Impact 100 is a nationwide model of philanthropy developed by a woman for women. The model is simple: 100 women pool individual donations of $1,000 and then vote to award a local nonprofit a $100,000 grant. Wendy Steele started Impact100 with women in Cincinnati in 2001.
Impact 100 Southern Indiana mirrors that model. Women pool donations of $1,000 (through an individual or shared membership) and then vote to award one large grant to a local nonprofit serving Clark, Floyd, and Harrison counties.
Why is Impact 100 Southern Indiana only for women?
Impact 100 Southern Indiana is intentionally limited to women members in the belief that women want to learn together, give together, and make a difference together. Impact 100 has members from all age groups and a wide variety of backgrounds.
What does it mean to be a member? I’m not sure I want to be a member of another group.
Being a member means that you donate $1,000 and you get to vote. That’s all!
If you want to do more, you can volunteer to be a member who reviews and scores grant applications. You may choose to attend one of our social events and network with other members. Or you can join in the effort to encourage more members. But the only thing you must do is donate.
Does Impact 100 Southern Indiana only make grants of $100,000?
Impact 100 Southern Indiana grants 100% of member donations each year. So far, we have awarded one grant each year. As more women become members, we raise more money and award a larger grant. In 2017, the grant was $50,000. In 2018, the grant was $100,000. In 2019, the grant was $106,000. We will continue to award one grant each year equal to 100% of the money raised. Our long-term goal is to raise enough in one year to award multiple $100,000 grants.
How does Impact 100 Southern Indiana decide which nonprofit receives a grant?
The members of Impact 100 decide! Once we know how much money we have raised each year, we open the grant process for applications. The nonprofits that apply must have a transformational idea for our local community focused on at least one of five focus areas: family, education, health & wellness, art & culture, or environment. Once grants applications are submitted, Impact 100 reviewers objectively score and rate each grant to determine three finalists. Finally, at the annual award celebration, there is a live vote of all members and the recipient is announced.
What do I need to know about Impact 100 Southern Indiana for 2020?
Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, we will still recruit members and we will still award a grant in 2020. The grant awarded will be equal to 100% of the money we raise and will support a transformational idea for Clark, Floyd, and Harrison counties. Our membership deadline is extended until July 1. We will reveal how much we raised on July 9 and the grant application process will open for submissions on July 10. We will have our annual award celebration and member vote for the grant recipient on October 29. Together, the women of Southern Indiana will make an Impact!