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About Women's Foundation of Southern Indiana

Current Officers

Lori Lewis, President
Crystal Billingslea, Vice President
Lindsey Neely, Past President
Linda Finney, Secretary
Julie Blocher, Treasurer

Board of Advisors

Marcia Bickers

Lisa Bottorff

Vicki Carmichael

Kelsi Dempster

Lori Forbes

Kye Hoehn

Leah Huber

Michelle Jadczak

Cindy Kanning

Lindsey Lawrence

Rhonda Parero

Katie Peterson

Amy Romines

Melissa Speck

Amy Stein

Stacie Thompson

Teah Williams-Hampton

Our History

Impact 100 Southern Indiana is the initiative of the Women's Foundation of Southern Indiana, which is a component fund of the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana. We operate with an independent Board of Advisors.

Founded in 2005, the governing principles of WFSI are as follows:


We are Southern Indiana's philanthropic leader for creating a community where women thrive.


The Women’s Foundation of Southern Indiana engages women to raise awareness and resources to advance the quality of life for women.


Impact 100 Southern Indiana takes conflicts of interest between our advisory board members and applicant organizations seriously.  We strive to avoid conflicts of interest and manage them when they arise in a way fair to both our members and applicant organizations.  Our objective is to provide a fair and transparent process in administering Impact 100 Southern Indiana.  If you have any concerns regarding a conflict of interest please reach out directly to the Board President Lindsey Neely or governance chair, Amy Stein through our contact page 

Our Sponsors

Impact 100 Southern Indiana memberships go 100% to the grant finalist. We rely on our sponsors to fund administrative costs. Thank you to the following sponsors:

Impact Sponsor

Ruby Sponsor

Ruby Sponsor

Sapphire Sponsors

Emerald Sponsors

Official Audit