2023 Winner - Open Door Youth Services

Transportation & Residential Facility Upgrade

Executive Summary

At Open Door Youth Services, we have dedicated over four decades to responding to the needs and promoting the healthy development of vulnerable children and youth in Indiana. Our mission is rooted in a commitment to create positive influences that empower young individuals to overcome challenges and flourish. We are thrilled to present our proposed project, which aligns seamlessly with our vision, mission, and extensive experience. Our project seeks to secure the grant funding of $140,000 to acquire two new passenger vans and upgrade our residential dormitory facilities. These enhancements will significantly bolster our ability to provide comprehensive residential, prevention, and outreach programs that uplift more than 200 vulnerable youth annually. The project directly addresses the critical needs of transportation accessibility and safe shelter that many of these youth lack. 

Our vision of fostering thriving, empowered communities resonates deeply with the project’s goals. By expanding transportation options through the new passenger vans, we enable access to education, healthcare, and positive extracurricular activities, aligning with our mission to respond to needs and promote healthy development. The upgraded dormitory facilities reinforce our commitment to providing a secure and nurturing environment, enhancing the lives of those we serve. 

With over 40 years of impactful service, our organization has a rich history of collaboration, advocacy, and successful programs. Our experienced team consists of dedicated professionals, each with specialized skills in residential care, program coordination, therapy and behavior issues, counseling, and others.

Our sustainability plan is comprehensive, ensuring the continuation of programs and services beyond the grant period. By leveraging our existing assets, cultivating partnerships, and maintaining a skilled team, we will continue to address gaps in services for vulnerable youth, fostering their educational success, health, and overall development.

Our organization has a proven track record of managing grant funding responsibly. We possess financial expertise, grant management experience, and a commitment to compliance and reporting. Our transparent communication, monitoring, and evaluation practices ensure that funds are utilized effectively to achieve project goals.

In conclusion, our proposed project is an essential step forward in our ongoing commitment to serving vulnerable children and youth in our community. We are confident that this initiative, grounded in our vision, mission, and experience, will create lasting positive change in the lives of those we serve. We are honored to be considered for the Impact100 Southern Indiana grant and look forward to the opportunity to make an even greater impact with your support.