2021 Finalist - Family Scholar House

Family Scholar House (FSH) is one of three 2021 Impact100 Southern Indiana award
finalists. FSH provides comprehensive educational and family services for low-income
families, most of whom are single parents or foster care alumni. Since 2010, FSH has
partnered with Ivy Tech Community College in Sellersburg, Indiana for outreach to
Southern Indiana families. In 2021, FSH and Ivy Tech embarked on a new initiative to
build a 42-unit campus to serve 75-100 residents with housing and comprehensive
services. FSH proposes to use Impact 100 SI funding to provide access to current
technology and resources for residents of the Sellersburg Scholar House, including an
Academic/Career Technology Resource Center, individual workspaces for participants,
and basic access to technology including computers, internet connection, printers, and
more. Learn more by reading the application abstract.